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Do Tea Bags Help Sore Eyes

‘Because tea bags have tannin in them this makes them great for any swelling, discolouration and bags under the eyes’ says Lewis. Tannin has a proven anti-inflammatory effect, helping to reduce puffiness and dark circles through lifting fluid. Yes of course, tea bags have proved to be very effective in treating a lot of problems such as dark circles, sour eyes, eye strain as well as painful eyes. Of course it could relieve sour eyes because there are some nutritions which could make the blood circulation faster. Maybe the vaporation of hot tea could also help your eyes.

Black tea is a great choice if you're picky about tea! A Natural Remedy for Pink Eye 1. Make a cup of tea using a teabag with black tea in it. To find organic tea from my affiliate partner, click here. 2. Allow the teabag to steep a few minutes in the.

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